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The T20 World Cup meeting, according to Rohit Sharma, was “fake.”

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In order to discuss the Twenty20 World Cup schedule, India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, has denied going to any meetings with head coach Rahul Dravid and chairman of selectors dafa india.

During the two hours that Rohit, Dravid, and Agarkar spent together in Mumbai a few days ago, the two main topics of discussion were whether Virat Kohli should open the innings with captain Rohit in the Playing XI, or whether Hardik Pandya should bowl more often to ensure a spot in India’s T20 World Cup squad.

Rather than confirm these allegations, dafabet app called them “fake news,” denied ever seeing anyone, and advised supporters not to believe anything they didn’t hear from him, Agarkar, Dravid, or the BCCI.

“Ajit Agarkar is playing golf somewhere in Dubai, and Rahul Dravid is actually watching his kids play in Bengaluru,” Rohit said during an interview with Michael Vaughan and Adam Gilchrist for the Club Prairie Fire podcast. “I haven’t been to any gatherings.”

When David was in Mumbai, he persuaded his son to play at the CCI on a red-soil track. That is all that is happening. To be perfectly honest, we have never met. Unless you hear it directly from me, Rahul, Ajit, or another BCCI representative in front of the media, I believe everything these days is IPL WIN APP.”

Every Indian T20 World Cup encounter will have even more significance when the BCCI makes its choice, which is anticipated to occur in the first week of May. This is because there are too many players vying for too few spots. Until nearly a month ago, there was conjecture as to where Kohli stood in relation to the other 15 players. There is a rumor that he might drop down the list as younger players like Rinku Singh and Yashasvi Jaiswal get more playing time.

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