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Small Business Ideas to Start at University

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University life is more than partying or academic growth. It’s a steppingstone to achieving your dreams and becoming an entrepreneur while earning handsome revenue on the side. Becoming a small business owner at university opens doors to the global world and creates more growth opportunities. It also defines your character through hard work, smart work, discipline, dedication, honesty, and integrity.

There are several small business ideas https://talen.id/ suitable for university students. Let’s look at the top small business ventures you can start at university without disrupting your education.

1. Blogging & Content Creation 

Blogging, vlogging, podcasting, etc., come under the same umbrella term ‘content creation’. This is a great small business if you enjoy being creative and love to share your creations with the rest of the world. The returns take time but will deliver good rewards when you are consistent.

Monetize your content to earn from what you create and show to the world. Choose a niche you enjoy and allocate time to network with other content creators. You can become an influencer or an affiliate marketer (or both) to increase your income.

2. Event Management & Promotion 

If you enjoy networking and interacting with others, event promotion is a small business that’ll keep you busy at the university. It’s common for bars, clubs, diners, etc., around the university to cater to their core audience. This gives you a chance to coordinate with the establishment owners and performers.

Plan the events and get a commission from both parties. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You can even suggest new event ideas to establishments based on the talent in your network.

3. Social Media Management Services 

Do you love tinkering with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Do you know how the algorithms work to promote profiles? Use this knowledge to offer social media management services for local businesses around the university.

Become a freelance SEM professional and accept clients from different regions. Get paid for the services you provide. This also allows you to stay up to date about the latest marketing strategies to promote your services.

4. Website Testing & Graphic Design

Would you rather work with computers and software applications? If technology is your area of interest, become a website tester, software programmer, or graphic designer. A website tester is someone who uses and analyzes all features of a website to provide constructive feedback to the site owners. You can pair it with your side hustle to add extra income to your account.

Graphic designers can create visually appealing content for local and online businesses. From brand logos to banners, brochures, and promotional material, it’s an open field to show your creative best.

5. Reselling/ Drop shipping 

Reselling is where you buy products from local stores/ fairs/ auctions and sell them online for a higher price. While it is a profitable business, it requires an understanding of market trends to get profits.

Drop shipping is an eCommerce business model where you set up an online store to sell products sold by other vendors. The orders

will be placed on your site, and the vendors will send the items to the customer. Cool, right?

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