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Planning a 60th birthday party

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Planning a 60th birthday party

When planning a 60th birthday party, there is a certain amount of stress that a person may experience. This may be due to the expectation to deliver and exceed the celebrating party’s expectations (if any). However, you can plan the best and most sentimental 60th birthday party with the right strategy. By doing this, everyone will be surprised at your efficiency as a party planner.

Themed parties are some of the most fun and interactive parties ever. Choosing a theme is important because it helps you visualize and plan everything, from decorations to invitations, menus, party favors, activities and more.

With infinite possible themes, deciding on a theme can create a paradox of choice. However, to throw the best 60th birthday party, you have to think like the person celebrating. What themes interest them most? What themes reflect their timeless life stories? Here are some sensible 60th birthday theme ideas to point you in the right direction according to clownsandgowns.

Decade party

Decade parties are a nostalgic way to celebrate and relive the past. They’re also very popular among a variety of age groups, so your 60-year-old loved one will probably love a decade-long party that highlights his or her favorite era. From the 70s to the 90s, the roaring 20s, the Victorian era, etc., there are so many amazing decades you can bring to life at this 60th birthday party. With such a theme, a dress code may apply as guests are expected to dress according to their favorite era.

Costume party

Everyone loves a good costume, as long as it’s not the offensive type. It’s a great way to be silly and dress up as a favorite movie character, cartoon, celebrity or concept. While a costume party may seem childish for a 60th birthday party, it is a really fun way to reminisce about the best remaining years of one’s life. Because, let’s be honest, laughter is the best quality you need when life hits you, and with a costume party, you’re dressed appropriately to ride out the hardships. Examples of costume parties include disco parties, pirate parties, and others.

Black and white party

What better way to celebrate turning 60 elegantly than with a timeless black-and-white party? The black and white party exuded class and sophistication, beautifully depicting someone turning 60. These parties have an easy dress code and are best enjoyed with ballroom dancing. Make it a black-and-white masquerade birthday party with fine dining and exotic silverware to add flair. That would make the news.

Casino Royale

You only turn 60 once, so if you’re going to throw a birthday party, you better do it right. Take it from Queen Victoria. It’s your diamond anniversary, and that means there’s no better time to go full glitz and glamor than now. Therefore, a 007, Vegas or casino themed birthday party would be perfect. You and your guests can wear appropriate attire and have a great time.

Garden party

A garden party is an elegant event that embodies high society, and choosing a garden party theme for your 60th birthday party is a relaxed way to celebrate with the people you love. You can gather your guests for afternoon tea, snacks, barbecue, etc., and play outdoor games.

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