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Catnip Toys To Entertain Your Cat

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Catnip is a product that can be termed in the category of mint. Nepetalactone compounds generally taken from leaves and bud extracts of catnip are used to stimulate cats and have shown positive effects on cats and their well-being. For many past years, catnip has been incorporated into many playing and entertaining tools that can be leveraged for cat’s stimulation of overall mental and physical health benefits. 

Catnip toys are pet accessories designed for cats and come in various forms, such as plush animals, balls, dental treats, or fabric pouches filled with catnip. When cats interact with these toys, they experience a short-lived euphoric feeling and may exhibit active behaviors providing them with entertainment and mental stimulation. 

Catnip Stuffed Animals 

Fluffy filled with potent catnip playable animals are used widely all over the world to stimulate and strengthen the overall growth of your cat. It also enables young cats to exhibit hunting instincts.  These super comfy animal toys offer an irresistible scent of catnip according to the needs of your cat. They can also help cats channel their companionship and cuddle feelings. 

Catnip Scratch Board

Over the years, an increase in the popularity of pet toys has seen many versatile products available in the market. To cater to the needs of your cat’s capabilities enhancement, a catnip board is made to resist scratches from your cat’s growing claws. Every time your cat scratches and claws get stuck into the board, the euphoria of catnip is obtained to stimulate the cat. Cats often love scratching them with their sharp-edged growing teeth. This also offers catnip compound to smell taste it maybe ingest. 

Catnip Spray 

The catnip compound is also available in liquid form to cater to the convenience of cat owners. It offers more productive usability of catnip for your cat as it can be used for several purposes described below. 

Spray on Surface

The catnip can be sprayed onto the surfaces of your house tiles. Spray offers a pleasing smell so no one in the house will be bothered unless allergic otherwise. You can spray it on scratching spots to indulge the cat in fun activities. 

Spray on Toys

To entertain and participate cats in fun activities, playing with pet toys with sprayed fragrance on top of them intensifies the excitement of your cat thus it helps in elevating the mood of the cat. 

Spray in the Air

During playtime, spray a little catnip in the air to get your cat’s attention and make the play session more interactive and exciting. Introducing such intriguing and playful activities for your cat in the house can develop and encourage an overall bond with you and your family. 

Laser Chasing Toy

Cats are known for their hunting and chasing techniques and tricks. These traits help them in commanding their selves from any danger. Among other popular toy picks, Laser chasing cat toys with deliberately filled catnip compounds make cats rush towards them and chase them down for long hours. The catnip compound offers cats a sense of accomplishment every moment or chase down a laser. This plays a huge role in making you invested for a long time when the owner is not around. 

Pets Mint Stick 

As the name suggests, these mint sticks are made to cater to the craving needs of your cats. It is of prime importance to be aware of the craving needs of your pet so they remain relaxed. It can also help while feeding cats. Like human babies, kittens also demand emotional or psychological affection and attention to be given. These mint sticks can be used as catalysts while feeding cats. They come in different sizes and shapes and are easily available. 

Fidget Spinner 

As trendy as the name depicts, the fidget spinner has caught the attention of many pet owners because they can relate to the joy and addiction it has to offer. Catnip fidget spinner for your cats offers a surface of it to be played with claws. The fidget spinner stimulates the brain activity of your cat. 

Feline Fun Cat House with Tunnel

This cat toy is very practical and handy if you’re looking for a solution to adjust your cat in-house. This cat house toy with dedicated catnip touches can be used as your cat’s dedicated place to sit and sleep. It has a reasonably long wide tunnel for your cat to play with and juggle around. 


Ever since the pet culture gained popularity, pet toys and their benefits have emerged. With time and trends changing faster than ever, new picks for your pet toys have come into existence. Cats being the nicest ones among other pets, they have always been the center of attraction to many. Petco has products and toys to offer at the affordable price the market has to offer. The Catnip fidget spinner is the most trendy cat toy currently. Other latest trendy catnip toy products can be seen on the Petco website, tailor-made to your requirements.

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