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Alcoholic Drinks Turn Out to Be Beneficial for the Body, As Long as You Don’t Excess It

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Alcoholic Drinks Turn Out to Be Beneficial for the Body, As Long as You Don’t Excess It

Apart from making you drunk, this drink can also trigger various dangerous diseases such as liver damage, obesity and stroke.

However, it turns out that if you drink enough alcohol, your body can get benefits from alcohol that people rarely know about.

The definition of “a little” here can be different for each person. For people who are used to consuming alcoholic drinks, the volume that is within the safe limit is one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men.

For more precise measurements, one glass of beer usually contains around 350 ml and one glass of wine contains around 150 ml.

1. Increases good cholesterol in the body

If you are healthy and have no history of other illnesses, then drinking alcohol can increase levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the body. Remember, this only applies if you don’t consume it excessively.

By increasing HDL, your risk of developing diseases such as heart attacks and strokes will decrease.

But remember, the benefits of alcohol will not apply if you consume it excessively. In fact, your risk of developing the various diseases mentioned above will increase.

2. Reduce fat

Red wine is thought to help lose weight and get rid of body fat.

Because this drink contains polyphenols, a compound that is good for supporting weight loss. Red wine’s calories are also not that big, especially when compared to soda.

3. Prevent the formation of gallstones

Drinking limited amounts of alcohol is considered to help prevent the formation of gallstones. Consuming around 15 ml every day has been proven to reduce the risk of gallstones by 14%.

4. Prevent dementia

There are several studies that say that consuming alcoholic drinks within certain limits can help prevent dementia and other cognitive disorders.

However, the results of this study cannot fully be used as a reference. Because, there are still other trials that produce different conclusions.

5. Makes you more relaxed and easier to socialize with

People who consume alcoholic drinks within reasonable limits are said to find it easier to socialize and interact with other people. They are also said to smile more easily and relax in social situations.

6. Increase passion in bed

Women who consumed one or two glasses of red wine per day had more sexual desire. Apart from that, they are also more able to feel sexual satisfaction in bed.

Alcohol can also increase levels of testosterone or male sex hormones. However, if there is too much, alcohol can actually make men experience sexual problems, such as impotence.

7. Prevent diabetes

This positive impact of alcoholic beverages may seem strange.

However, in fact, based on research, women who consume one or two glasses of alcohol per day experience a reduced risk of developing diabetes.

Because, alcohol in certain amounts can actually increase insulin sensitivity and make it work more optimally.

8. Maintain healthy teeth and mouth

One alcoholic drink, namely vodka, is apparently able to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. This is because vodka has a high alcohol content so it is antibacterial.

Vodka can also be used as another mouthwash option that kills the bacteria that cause plaque and bad breath and visit us.

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