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Facts about International Indonesian Holidays

“After pent-up demand, improved air transport and a stronger recovery of markets and tourist destinations in Asia, conditions are expected to support a full recovery by the end of 2024,” the UN agency said in a statement.

According to Antara, Saturday (20/1/2024), throughout 2023, the international tourism market will reach 88 percent of the pre-pandemic condition with 1.3 billion tourist visits.

First, let’s start by saying that the concept of “Tourism” includes: direct activities (hotel stays, eating or visiting tourist attractions), and indirect activities (transportation, laundry and many other activities). Second, to “qualify” as a tourist, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO), we must travel and spend no more than one year living outside our place of residence, even if the trip is for vacation, business or whatever. Other reason. These criteria explain why it is difficult to obtain reliable data about the Tourism Industry.

Sometimes talking about numbers or statistics may be boring or unclear, but there are some facts about tourism that are strong enough to understand click here the importance of this industry throughout the world. Some of these figures are:

Supports around 6% – 7% of workers in the world (including indirect employment)
Represents 5% of world GDP
The global tourism industry is worth 1 trillion US dollars per year
In more than 150 countries, tourism is one of the five largest export earners
With this information it is clear that the tourism industry has been, is, and will be, a major economic factor for many countries (perhaps for all countries) and globally. Recognizing this fact, we reviewed the Travel & Tourism Development Index (TTDI) [1] to find out what factors and policies enable the development of a Travel & Tourism (T&T) sector that is sustainable and resilient, and in line with this interesting point. the report is as follows:

Sources of Tourism Funds

Enabling Environment. Captures general conditions for operating in a country (Business Environment; Safety and Security; Health & Hygiene; Human Resources; ICT Readiness).
Travel & Tourism Policy. Covers strategic aspects, for example P&P Priorities, International Openness; Price Competitiveness.
Infrastructure. Assess physical infrastructure: Air transportation; Land and port; Tourism Service Infrastructure.
T&T Demand Drivers. This relates to identifying “reasons to travel” (Natural, Cultural, Non-Leisure Resources).
P&T Sustainability. Quantifying potential risks and sustainability challenges related to the environment, overcrowded demand,
The general conclusion of the report states that, after losing approximately 4.5 trillion US dollars and more than 62 million jobs in 2021, the P&T industry is experiencing rapid progress worldwide, but from the WEF perspective, the industry has changed and countries must review its policies and strategies. to speed up the recovery.

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