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Aluminum Window Care Guide: Dos and Don’ts

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Aluminum Window
In recent years, aluminium windows have become a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings instead of wooden windows and doors due to their durability, sleek and stylish appearance. 

Around a few months back, we replaced all the wooden windows here at our residence in Gurugram, Haryana, with aluminium framed windows. I believe this is one of the best decisions we’ve made for our place as it is worth the amount you spend. 

Moreover, nowadays, you can easily avail yourself of the facility of getting these windows installed from your comfort zone. There are many online platforms which offer this accessibility. 


— Regular and Timely Cleaning

This is the basic and most essential part in order to prevent dirt on your window frames as well as glass. What you can do is you can use a  mild detergent and warm water to clean the frames and, if required, a glass cleaner for the glass panes. 

— Damage Inspection

Ensure that you regularly inspect your aluminium windows for any signs of damage. So, keep an eye on cracked or chipped paint, any kinds of dents, or corrosion, if any. This is simply because addressing these issues early can prevent them from becoming more significant problems. 

— Keep warranty track

I got the best aluminium windows installed at my residence offered by a company named ‘Eternia’. They offer a warranty for a good period of 12 years, and I honestly haven’t faced any issues as of now. So, in case you encounter any issues covered by warranty, contact your manufacturer to have them addressed immediately.  


— Avoid using Abrasive Cleaners

Avoid using such substances on your aluminium windows. This is because these can easily scratch or damage the surface, leaving unsightly marks. 

— Don’t Skip Repairs

If you notice any kind of damage or issues with your aluminium framed windows, don’t postpone repairs. This is because this can lead to much more significant and costly repairs down the line.

— Avoid slamming

These are quite durable, but slamming them shut can cause stress on the frames and the overall build. So, close them gently to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 

Which company offers the best windows?

Eternia! As I’ve mentioned above, I have personally dealt with this brand, and it is just amazing. You need not go anywhere, just visit their website, and you are good to go. 

Apart from this, the material they use, i.e. Duranium is created by world-class engineers from Aditya Birla’s Hindalco, who have even created parts strong enough for aerospace missions. Basically, Duranium is an eternally recyclable aluminium alloy that offers superior strength and a stunning finish. 

It is one of the world’s largest aluminium and copper manufacturers. In our country, this company operates an entire chain of aluminium manufacturing facilities. 


In conclusion, by following the above-mentioned guidelines, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of their aluminium windows for many more years to come, ultimately enhancing both the comfort and value of their homes.

Proper care and maintenance are essential for preserving the overall look, appearance and functionality of your best aluminium windows. So, by simply following these dos and don’ts, you can easily make sure that your windows are in excellent condition.

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