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COFFEE SHOPS are built with different motivations. Coffee shop business owners build their coffee shop as a business area, some also as a hobby, although not infrequently as a passion that makes you fall in love. For coffee drinkers, the function of a coffee shop is as a place to drink coffee. A place to melt away longing for coffee cups filled with delicious coffee. Meanwhile, for the barista, the coffee shop functions as a place of work, a place of happiness and also a place of passion. There are so many functions of a coffee shop, but actually there are only three simple basic functions implied. What are the functions? Here are three answers according to hobstoughton.com.

As a Place to ‘Help Each Other’

Helping each other here certainly means more than one thing. A good coffee shop is a coffee shop that not only provides enjoyment from every sip, but also knowledge as a souvenir and bonus for anyone who stops by there. ‘Help each other’ means that the connoisseur is helped to understand the various knowledge provided by the barista. Meanwhile for baristas, ‘helping each other’ means meeting various new people and at the same time becoming a source of sustenance. A good coffee shop is not a coffee shop that keeps its distance from consumers. But accompanying them with a variety of fun, knowledge, learning and of course a variety of education about coffee that perhaps cannot be found in other places other than coffee shops.

As a place to make friends

In fact, a coffee shop has a noble function, namely a meeting place for many people and leading to friendship between them. Coffee shops are small universes where strangers meet and have fun conversations over coffee. This is the fun of coffee shops, all the differences in humankind can blend into one through this delicious black coffee. How many conversations are born in a coffee shop? How much excitement is suddenly created? And how many friendships actually exist here? If you’ve never made new friends in a coffee shop, maybe you haven’t been drinking coffee in the shop for long enough or you’ve been drinking coffee in the wrong place.

As a ‘Home’ for Having Fun

One thing a coffee shop should never have is rigidity. A coffee shop has one function, namely as a ‘comfortable home’ where people inside have fun. Not only do customers come and have fun, the baristas and workers also have to have fun doing what they do. If you come to a coffee shop and can’t find fun there, it means you made the wrong choice or you don’t know how to have fun. Because it’s impossible for a cool coffee shop to not spread immeasurable pleasure to anyone who stops by there.

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